Three adjustable cooking settings.
Three adjustable cooking settings.
Sicomatic®: simple, fast and natural cooking
Sicomatic®: simple, fast and natural cooking
Sicomatic Ocean Green
Sicomatic Ocean Green

So simple. So healthy. So fast.
Always Sicomatic®.

Sicomatic pressure cookers are a must for every healthy kitchen. Due to the gentle and natural cooking method of the Sicomatic, the vitamins, minerals and flavours are largely preserved. The food unfurls its own flavour. In addition, the Sicomatic offers an incredible variety of application possibilities. Sicomatic pressure cookers have proven themselves millions of times. In more than 80 years of research and development, Silit has continuously improved the Sicomatic and adapted it to your needs. The latest cooking technology, perfect ease of use and elegant design make the Sicomatic the ideal cooking system of today.

Sicomatic since 1927

Sicomatic® – All benefits at a glance

  • Up to 70 % shorter cooking times than conventional cooking.
  • Simple operation, easy cleaning.
  • Safe to use.
  • Maintenance-free valve system.
  • Hermetic system.
  • Three adjustable cooking settings.
  • Clear cooking setting display.
  • Variety of materials: Silargan and 18/10 stainless steel
  • Suitable for all types of hobs.
  • Many household-compatible sizes and designs.
  • Seal of approval for TÜV-certified safety.
  • 10 year supply guarantee for spare parts.



Three adjustable cooking settings

  • Setting 0 – The steam setting. Normal cooking with no pressure. Compared to conventional cooking, it saves even more water and energy.
  • Setting 1 - The gentle cooking setting. For delicate foods, such as fine vegetables or fish. Preserves vitamins and nutrients at a constant 105 °C.
  • Setting 2 - The pressure cooking setting. For dishes with a longer cooking time, such as meat, soups or stews at a constant 119 °C.

Sicomatic® econtrol

Pressure cookers are ideal for modern wellness cuisine. They save time and energy. Valuable vitamins and nutrients are preserved and the food retains its natural colour and characteristic aroma. The Sicomatic econtrol stands for the culmination of over 80 years of experience. 

Innovative one-hand control dial
For opening, closing and setting the cooking levels.

Removable handle
facilitates thorough cleaning.

Drawn steel core with energy-saving base
Very robust, temperature-resistant and distortion-free.

Stir-friendly transition from the base to the rim
No burning in the "corner", easy to clean.

Sicomatic® econtrol – The easy turn to more enjoyment

State-of-the-art technology and easy handling characterise the Sicomatic econtrol. It is operated via one-handed dial regulation. Three temperature settings ensure precision cooking. To clean, simply remove the handle. Whether stainless steel or functional Silargan ceramic, the Sicomatic econtrol cooks food quickly, healthfully and aromatically. The Sicomatic econtrol made from Silargan is available in various sizes of 2.5 l, 4.5 l and 6.5 l and in the colours of Polar White, Lemon Green, Black, Energy Red, Wild Orange and Crazy Yellow

Removable handle
for easy and thorough cleaning.

Three adjustable cooking settings
for gentle and quick cooking with precision.

User-friendly control dial
for setting all functions with one hand.

Easily visible cooking setting display
for easy control of the cooking process.

Sicomatic® t-plus
Quick, natural cooking with precision


Classics are allowed to outdo themselves: The Sicomatic t-plus presents itself as a modern variation on an unbeatably popular kitchen artist while maximising culinary convenience and unique taste. Choose between three pre-set cooking levels: the gentle level for delicate foods, the fast level for everything which requires long cooking times, such as meat, soups or stews, and the steaming level. If you turn the dial to zero, the content will be heated up without pressure, just like in conventional cookware, but particularly energy-efficiently. The Sicomatic t-plus made from Silargan is available in three sizes: 2.5 l., 4.5 l. and 6.5 l. It is available in the colours of Polar White, Lemon Green, Black, Energy Red, Wild Orange and Crazy Yellow.

Perfect ease of use

Three adjustable cooking settings

Easy to clean

Practical special inserts

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