Thermometer in the lid
Thermometer in the lid
Roasting and steaming system is ideal for induction
Roasting and steaming system is ideal for induction

All advantages at a glance

  • Steamer and roaster in one.
  • Natural cooking for a modern and conscious diet.
  • Roasting pan made from Silargan – for the healthy, tasty and energy-saving preparation of food.
  • Particularly versatile in use due to two different inserts with division trivets.
  • Thermometer for optimal cooking control.
  • Gently resting cooking view lid with tightly sealed special enclosure.
  • Ideal for all conventional ovens and suitable for all hob types.
  • Oven-proof, ergonomically formed handles.
  • Ideal for induction.

The gentle way: Cooking with steam

Even in ancient China, dishes were prepared gently this way. Due to the rising water vapour that surrounds the ingredients from all sides evenly, the food retains its natural nutrient content and vitamins. Vegetables cooked in rising steam remain crisp, poultry remains juicy and fish does not fall apart. The food has a snap and are also purely visually a pleasure, because their characteristic colours are preserved. With the ecompact roasting and steaming system by Silit, we have perfected this old principle of preparation. Therefore, several ingredients can be prepared simultaneously without the flavour of one food being transferred to another. The gentle process preserves the food and leads to a special development of their flavouring agents. Because no water comes into contact with the food, even water-soluble nutrients are not lost.


Everything is under control – so it is simply brilliant!

So that everything always succeeds as best as possible, the Silit ecompact is equipped with a cooking temperature thermometer. In this way, the cooking process can be easily controlled and the ideal temperature ensures for the best results. In addition, the cooking view lid made from high quality safety glass allows you to control the cooking process without having to open the Silit ecompact. So you can cook while saving time and energy.

for optimal cooking control

See-through lid
with tightly sealed special enclosure

Versatile in use
Due to two different inserts

Drawn steel core
Very robust, temperature-resistant and distortion-free

Steam cooking – two inserts for 1001 options.

With the Silit ecompact, you can use two different sized steaming inserts either individually or also together. The deep insert is ideally suited for larger quantities and larger food. Together with the second flat insert, the Silit ecompact becomes an all-rounder: As steam does not transfer any taste, several types of food can be cooked at the same time in the Silit ecompact! This saves time and energy.

For different cooking times, you can also insert the food in succession. Here, the steam inserts with division trivets are easy to separate for large or very small portions of different food.

For everything that does not have to be fried hot

Easy to separate with trivets

Roasting and steaming system ecompact

The Silit roasting and steaming system ecompact is ideally suited to the variety of today's wellness cuisine. Cooking with steam is considered one of the healthiest cooking methods in the world and is gaining popularity in the contemporary conscious kitchen. The combination of a versatile steamer with a roaster made from the unique Silargan functional ceramic makes the Silit ecompact a top product for connoisseurs for whom only the best is good enough.

Thermometer for optimal cooking control

All-metal handles

Division trivets for flexible use

Gentle resting lid

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